Besides the French competition , on the international markets for the supply to supermarkets abroad , SNIW faces competition with Geprocor , Prodim , Aldouest ,Colruyt, Delixl , Mbr , Segurel with Distrib export and Phoceenne de distribution
To compare with us, according to our customers Geprocor is generally more expensive . We have common customers with Geprocor. On the Reunion island we have a lot of supermarkets and wholesalers that we both full supply , same with Guadeloupe, and Africa. Géprocor supplies a lot of supermarkets and shops . He wholesale supplies also in these islands . Geprocor has an internet site geprocor.com in which he introduces his wholesale business and the chain of supermarkets Intermarche as well as his import export division . Like us he ships assorted containers or mixed containers with food products but also house care products . Also the supply containers with frozen products and drinks (liquors , waters, beers…). Géprocor only sell brand named liquors not private labelled liquors .
Prodim has been on export for several years , especially toward Africa. Prodim is a chain of supermarkets and Prodim is very developped in France .Prodim has supermarkets company in the French and Dutch West Indies because their mother company is Carrefour which has its own supermarkets Champion and Hypermarket Carrefour as well as 8 a 8 and Shopi . Price wise Prodim is according to our customersmore expensive in the export business , on the National or International brand named products or private labelled products . Prodim has several warehouses who take care of the export to supermarkets and wholesalers . Their export customers prefer to work with us than Prodim , our food products are cheaper. But we are considered strict on conditions of payment for supermarkets and shops in Africa and in the Caribbean . Even the wholesalers like our prices . Prodim export a lot of French wines . their private labels are Grand Jury and Numero un . Aldouest , wholesaler , so not a chain of supermarkets is a part of Francap like Diapar get their supply from Diapar at the same prices as SNIW but cannot really compete against us on export of food products be cause he has no warehouse dedicated to export which doesn’t make his prices competitive .
Aldouest doesn’t sell much export but sells to local shops and supermarkets . Like us Aldouest has the distribution of Winny , Belle France and of all the groceries , frozen , liquors , wines , beers and waters ,+ inexpensive brand name products .
Mbr is not a chain of supermarkets but act like it for export with a full assortment for supermarket products . He is really developed in Benin . They started their export business 2 years ago and they export like us mixed containers .They don’t do frozen of fresh products . They get their supply from a chain of supermarkets . They mostly supply supermarket and shop in Africa , with a few wholesalers . We have good relationships with Mbr and sometimes we sell or buy goods to them . Our deals are mostly in liquor trading , brand named liquors (whisky JB , whisky Johnny Walker , Cognac Remy Martin , Heineken beer …) , we don’t do with them private labels or inexpensive products . Their inexpensive brand name is numero un like Prodim Promodes .
Segurel who is the brother of Diapar’s General manager , tries to export to agents , one is located in Bordeaux and export a lot supermarkets in Africa . But, because of our great organization we are much African wholesalers or shops . Like us they have the Belle France and Winny brand name but do not export frozen or fresh products to Africa . We are more competitive than Distrib export their main customer who does a lot of mixed containers toward Africa .
Phoceeene de distribution , this export company does a lot of mixed containers with frozen products , grocery , household products and drinks . They supply a lot African supermarkets from Marseille Port . The mixed containers that they send are mostly assorted with inexpensive brand named items and private labelled products . They tried to develop the brand name Belle-France but we were cheaper than them . On National and international brand name products they are inexpensive . They are not attached to a chain of supermarkets , they buy and sell from different sources . They pretend to be an export department of a chain of supermarkets, but it’s not true . In fact their export business is limited and they don’t do fresh products or liquors .
Diapar has a network of independent retailers + supermarkets G20. They are about 100 in Paris . Diapar is delivering in France more than 1500 customers . They don’t do export, they don’t know how to do 20’ or 40’ containers , that’s why we are their export department !
Delixl : their are our supplier as well as our customer . They do the Winny products and buy lot of grocery from us . Delixl works a lot with the UN but we are more competitive . They don’t do as much export as we do . In Belgium they supply all types of retail shops .
Colruyt : they are very competitive , they work a lot with eastern countries and English speaking countries . In Africa they sell to former Belgian colonies . Colruyt is a serious competitor and his site colruyt-export.com is very good, customers can order on it .
We are the export department for Diapar, wholesaler and chain of supermarkets in Paris & suburbs .
We export to more than 35 countries outside the EEC . Among them , the ex-USSR (Russia , Ukraine, Belarus, The Baltic countries), to the French overseas territories (Reunion, Martinique, Guadeloupe, St Bart, St Pierre et Miquelon, St Martin , Aruba , Curacao) , to Africa (Guinea, Senegal, Gabon, Congo, Mauritania, Nigeria ,Burkina Faso, Benin , Mali ,Togo) ,to the Comores islands , to Madagascar and Vietnam.
We have an assortment of more than 8000 items , among them some alcohols + a lot of other items (groceries, detergents …) and own brand names at very competitive prices (Winny , Belle France...) . We can supply you with mixed containers with as many as 500 items in it (our minimum order of each product is 1 carton) .
The prices indicated on our pro forma invoice are in Euros , EXW our warehouse , goods loaded in container , with advance payment .
Logistic: our warehouse is ideally located in Wissous next to Orly airport , 300m from the highway that leads directly to all main routes . We also have a warehouse in Arras (North of France) and in Belgium , mainly used for non brand name items .

So , if you wish to have our support and our competitive prices in becoming a customer of our company , it would be with pleasure that we would work with you and do our best to help you in your development.