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The Coccinelle trade name is for local supermarkets with a total surface area larger than 400 sq meters. Its concept is constantly adjusted to meet consumer needs. These stores are pleasant to shop in and offer a complete assortment of three levels of products which include national brand name products, Belle France products and bargain products. The markets’ focus as well as its strong point is fresh goods.

In order to distinguish itself, the Coccinelle stores have developed, among other things, offers and services which accommodate local client’s needs emphasizing a personal touch.

The Coccinelle stores are decorated like its logo which illustrates their energy and ambition as well as the values associated with the name Coccinelle.

The interior of the stores have a warm, soft and friendly atmosphere. A large area is devoted to fresh products. These areas are functionally and sturdily furnished with effective lighting adding to the overall attractiveness. The linear lighting provides maximum visibility of offers which are found on eye level shelves. The spacious aisles allow for easy maneuverability. The food sections are marked by modern lettering and the information is given in hand written letters to further highlight the human factor of this selling point.

The satelite music sound system unique to the Coccinelle stores, is punctuated by short, promotional announcements and create a cheerful, non aggressive atmosphere.

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