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All Belle France products are carefully selected by our group of suppliers who each have expertise in their field. With careful quality assurance procedures including rigorous and regular inspections, we are able to give a quality guarantee with all Belle France products.

This system allows Belle France to supply our customers with a high quality and a low price products similar than those of the other leading brands.

With superior quality and lower prices for the consumer, Belle France still allows for greater store margins at exceptional value.

The shape, design and colors for the packaging of the brand are carefully chosen in order to exhibit the value and quality of each item. In this way, we are able to compete with other international brands at bargain prices.

Belle France logo is always distinctly displayed in large letters on the top center of the package in order to ease viewing.

Belle France brand is constantly developing new products. Already having a leading product line in the spice and beverage department ( the "Selection Belle France" in the group of wines AOC), Belle France also offers an extensive line of fresh and frozen products which will surely become a leader in that area.

Our main target is to offer to consumers a complete assortment of main family products of dry, fresh and frozen goods.


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